How to understand THC/THD shipment charge

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Terminal Handling Charges (THC) & Terminal Handling Charges At Destination(THD)
Terminal Handling Charges (THC) is the charges collected by terminal authorities at each port against handling equipments and maintenance.  THC varies port to port of each country, as the cost of handling at each port differs one to another port, depends up on the total cost of port terminal handling at each location.
Normally, Terminal handling charges (THC) for exports is collected from shipper by shipping lines while releasing Bill of Lading after completion of export customs clearance procedures. Let the sale contract between buyer and seller be anything, the THC at port of loading need to be paid at load port only. As per terms of delivery, if buyer has to pay such load port THC, such THC is paid at load port by either buyer’s representative or his authorized agent.   In the case of shipments moved from inland destinations other than sea port, the said THC is collected at same location while releasing bill of lading by carrier.   The import terminal handling charges is collected by shipping carriers at the time of issuing delivery order to consignee to take delivery of goods.
THD=DDC: Destination Delivery Charge
A charge based on container Size (or Cubic Meter, Metric Ton in the case of LCL shipment), 
that is applied in many tariffs to cargo. This charge is considered accessorial and is added to
the base ocean freight. This charge covers crane lifts off the vessel, drayage of the container 
within the terminal and gate fees at the terminal operation. Shipper did not pay this cost because 
these are charges incurred in terminal at destination.

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